When you don’t know what to do – Reset

At the beginning of the year, I came up with my one word. If you are not familiar with it, the concept is to choose one word to reflect on for the year instead of a list of "set yourself up for failure" resolutions. Since then, I have been struggling with the word I chose. … Continue reading When you don’t know what to do – Reset

Failure Is Optional

Our elementary staff meets weekly on Monday afternoons.  The time is set aside to discuss upcoming events, new initiatives or professional development.  Two weeks ago, my principal and I tag-teamed to share the overview and expectations of technology integration this year.  In my eagerness to share the overflow of all that I have learned in the past … Continue reading Failure Is Optional

Igniting the Passion to Learn

  Update 6 years later: The following post was given to my sixth grade students as their assignment and as a mentor text. Student blogging was new at the time. This is one of the defining moments of my teaching career for multiple reasons. I will never forget the student who never turned anything in … Continue reading Igniting the Passion to Learn