January 9, 2013 Art, physics, accounting, motion, balance is part of everything we do.  One learning theory v. another, technology, time. Scales aren't the same. Objects being balanced aren't always the same. Sometimes things have to be rearranged for a time or forever. Sometimes things get shaken up and you have to reevaluate which things … Continue reading Balance

The Reality of Expectations

February 17, 2013 It seems that students are coming to us with lower fine motor skills and more auditory processing problems and more struggles with self -regulation. As a teacher, I would like to prepare my students for a world that should be.   As a practical adult, I know not everything is as it … Continue reading The Reality of Expectations

What Is Technology Integration?

October 14, 2015 Effective technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curricular goals. In particular, it must support four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts. “Why Integrate Technology Into the Curriculum?: The Reasons … Continue reading What Is Technology Integration?

Lessons Learned in Hospitals

No one enjoys being in hospitals. I almost wanted to scrap the idea of comparing the experience with that of education. Almost. I did a lot of watching, listening and experiencing things this summer as I spent time with my dad, who was in and out of multiple hospitals. I learned some things that I … Continue reading Lessons Learned in Hospitals

Guiding Statements

Guiding statements for technology in a Christian school:In all things and in all spaces, we are to glorify God first and foremost.We must model and teach students good digital citizenship and wisdom in online spaces.Technology should enable students to research, create, communicate and collaborate.In order for our students to be technically literate, we must model … Continue reading Guiding Statements

Be Different

Daddy How does he feel? That closed mouthed man. I wouldn’t dare ask; For what I might not hear. Has he missed the lost years? Or is he relieved? He had none of the problems. Frustrations. Or fears. Does he regret his decisions? Does he realize? I always wanted to be “daddy’s girl”, but I … Continue reading Be Different

Failure Is Optional

Our elementary staff meets weekly on Monday afternoons.  The time is set aside to discuss upcoming events, new initiatives or professional development.  Two weeks ago, my principal and I tag-teamed to share the overview and expectations of technology integration this year.  In my eagerness to share the overflow of all that I have learned in the past … Continue reading Failure Is Optional

What I Know

For the past few months my mind has been in perpetual motion.  Wrapping my mind around this new position has been impossible.  I have so much to learn!  How do you effectively integrate technology into classrooms where teachers often find it intimidating, unnecessary and another "thing" to do? And ISTE, oh ISTE.  It is so … Continue reading What I Know

Igniting the Passion to Learn

  Update 6 years later: The following post was given to my sixth grade students as their assignment and as a mentor text. Student blogging was new at the time. This is one of the defining moments of my teaching career for multiple reasons. I will never forget the student who never turned anything in … Continue reading Igniting the Passion to Learn