Changing the World,One 5th Grader At A Time

As we begin a new calendar year and a new semester of school, one of my professional goals is to get better at sharing what my students are doing in the classroom. I am an advocate for teacher and student reflection in the learning process, yet I struggle with getting into the habit of making it part of my own process. I find that writing a blog post after a lesson or project helps me reflect on what worked and what did not work. It also gives me a record of my work and makes a great professional portfolio. Aside from personal benefit, reflection and sharing provide a great way to communicate with parents and other teachers about what students are learning in my classroom. This broadens the learning process by allowing educators to learn from each other, and it effectively gives parents a window into their child’s classroom.

For this post, I am travelling back in time to an assignment I gave 5th graders in October. By this time, students had some practice with Google Docs and Google Slides. We began by watching this video by Kid President. If you have never heard of Kid President, follow this link and be blessed. The videos this inspirational young man makes helps students know they have a voice and can make a difference no matter what their age or consequences. After watching the video, students were given the choice to use Google Docs or Slides to answer the question, “What can you do to help change the world?” Students turned in their assignments through Google Classroom which keeps them in a nice neat folder in my Google Drive. I chose about a dozen of the projects to display and then saved them each as a PDF.  Finally, I loaded them into a tool called Flipsnack. After they were loaded, I created a cover and selected customizations.
I was amazed at what the students came up with and found it difficult to just choose a sampling! I am convinced that tapping into what motivates students and giving them a little freedom to create, always produces great things. 
Click below and be ready to be amazed…