Time In the White Space

Have you ever had ideas, words, or analogies that stick with you for days, weeks, even years?

“In the white space” was one of those for me. When I was a college student trying to navigate the choices of life, I took a mass media class. It was a fascinating class for many reasons, but one of the things that stuck with me was the importance of white space.

White space in journalism is that space where there is nothing. White space has no text or photograph and yet it gives meaning to the entire publication. It is what draws your eyes and mind to the message and is the very thing that can make or break effective communication. White space provides balance to the composition.

Somewhere on the timeline from that college course until now, I began thinking of white space in terms of life. The white space of life is the time and space where there is nothing else… no doing, just being.  It is the time we need to take to reflect on lessons we learn in the busy-ness of life.  This time of reflection can make or break effective transmission of information and experience in our lives. If we do not take the time or space to reflect and respond to what we learn, it tends to get mixed up, cluttered and lost amidst all the other details of life.

This blog is the place for my white space moments. It is my attempt at creating that elusive balance needed for my life’s composition. It is a random reflection of eclectic thoughts written and shared for clarity.