What I Know

For the past few months my mind has been in perpetual motion.  Wrapping my mind around this new position has been impossible.  I have so much to learn!  How do you effectively integrate technology into classrooms where teachers often find it intimidating, unnecessary and another “thing” to do?

And ISTE, oh ISTE.  It is so exciting just being in the same city as so many great thinkers of education!  There is so much to learn here.  Where do I even begin?  How will I take the energy and ideas that run so rampant here and infuse them into a defined plan of action to make my school a better place to learn?

Instead of focusing on what I don’t know, I have decided I should start with what I do know.  So, this is where I will begin…

What I know:

I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives. I still do.

Everything done in the classroom should have a purpose.

Culture plays an integral part in learning.

In order for learning to take place, connections must be made. Since we all have different schema, learning should be personal.

Kids need to learn how to decipher, filter, discern and assimilate the influx of information coming at them.

Students need and want to know we really care about who they are. We have to do more than tell them, we have to show them by building relationships with them.

A safe environment is conducive to learning.

Boundaries must be in place, expectations made clear and room has to be given to allow kids to be responsible or fall on their face.

When students fall on their face as we all have done, and will do again;  we need to pick them up, give them a big hug (literally or figuratively), dust them off and redirect them back onto their path.

We cannot fit all students into the same compact square box. We say this and we know this, but we still keep doing it with every comparison we make and expectation we have. This goes back to relationship. If we truly learn who our students are, we will be less likely to try stuffing them into a mold.

Off now to enjoy San Diego and find a cup of coffee!