Digital Parenting

One of my favorite resources as a teacher and as a mom is Common Sense Media. I started using it years ago to learn more about movies and video games for my own children. They give straightforward information about why a movie or game has a particular rating and what is in the movie that … More Digital Parenting

Who turned the light off?

Where is the turn in a child’s education that causes the light to dim? Is it developmental? A response to irrelevant teaching? Or something altogether cultural?  It happened in my life. I was always a curious child, asking why to no end, reading encyclopedias at home for fun, writing ideas for books, and devouring logic problems and … More Who turned the light off?

Guiding Statements

Guiding statements for technology in a Christian school: In all things and in all spaces, we are to glorify God first and foremost. We must model and teach students good digital citizenship and wisdom in online spaces. Technology should enable students to research, create, communicate and collaborate. In order for our students to be technically … More Guiding Statements